Double Miracle!

Don't panic! You are not seeing double.

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 Ever since we were little we have been asked one question for which none of our family members including us never ever thought the answer would be "YES". The question is? Will you get married to twins? Twins mappillai ku thaan ponnu tharuveengala?

It still feels surreal to us. Our parents & sister feel like that we are in the plot of a movie.

To be honest, there has been a lot of times in our life we feel like celebrities (We think we are, but our elder sister strongly disagrees with us. Uff, what does she know) .Whispers follow us wherever we go ("Heyyy..sshhh..they are twins!") when people comprehend we look the same, stunned stares of strangers as if they are seeing something strange and awkward encounters with unknown enthusiast who wants to tell us that they recognized we are twins. 

We can write a book on the questions posed to us & our family members. It ranges from, Do you get sick at the same time? Do you like the same things? Do you always wear the same dress? Could your parents tell you apart when you were a baby? (of course not they got confused, can you tell any babies apart, they all look tiny cute & cuddled in a blanket) Do twins communicate telepathically? and people also try to find out six differences between us! 

Even though the answer to a lot of questions is not yes.

There is one thing that is for sure , twins do have a special bond and ours we feel is unique and sometimes its endowed with extraordinary, seemingly telepathic qualities & a tad magical. 

It feels like stars aligned perfectly right from the start for us.The first movie we saw when we were five years old was Jeans (Tamil, Indian film where twin guys search for twin brides) & the first person I fell in love with was a twin!

So how did this double love story start?  


I Still vividly remember the first time Sinduja & I saw Saravanan at our workplace & the first words from him were I understand why people stare at us the way I see you both together and voice from the background said "he is a twin too". It all started from there.....

Later,  Sankar looked up Induja's sister Sinduja on Facebook. Soon they started swapping messages. And eventually, their first double date started.


 Sankar feels excited and thankful that he met Sinduja, its not just because we're twins, but we grew up the same as they did and also about mindset that got aligned with each other.

It was easy right from the beginning we met each other. The conversations were effortless, They understood a lot of our emotions and bonding with my twin sister. I am on cloud nine now that I am getting married to the man of my dreams and to see my sister next to me getting married to man of her dreams. and we would all be still one big incredible 'THE TWINS' family.

We have our reception together on February 02/02/2020, the magic date! (Even the numbers are double! believe us, it was not planned!) 


Our Big Day

Upcoming Events

Sun, Feb 02
Le Royal Méridien Chennai
Feb 02, 6:30 PM GMT+5:30
Le Royal Méridien Chennai, 1, Great Southern Trunk Rd, St Thomas Mount, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600016, India
Don't miss out!
Sankar weds Sinduja
Thu, Jan 30
P.V Velusamy Mudaliar Mandapam
Jan 30, 9:00 AM GMT+5:30
P.V Velusamy Mudaliar Mandapam, Tiruchengode, Tamil Nadu 637211, India
Saravanan weds Induja
Mon, Jan 27
P.V Velusamy Mudaliar Mandapam
Jan 27, 9:00 AM GMT+5:30
P.V Velusamy Mudaliar Mandapam , Tiruchengode, Tamil Nadu 637211, India

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